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My Pond,  "Once upon a time..."

Standing on the decking on an early spring afternoon, just after Sunday lunch, Glass of Whisky in hand, (just to ward off any remaining winter chill), and admiring my dozen or so Koi, I was overcome by a sudden urge to build a bigger pond. 

When I voiced the though out loud Jody and her Mum weren't impressed, but Michael thought it was a brilliant idea.   "I'll probably just extend the existing pond" I said, "Make it about twice the size, around 2000 gallons"    "No No" said Michael, "enlarging a pond is rarely a success, better to build a new one from scratch".  "Over there would be a good spot" he said pointing at the lawn.    "How Big?" caused him to think for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and replying "The whole area, just dig the lawn up".   Well at this point Jody and her Mum screamed in unison "No Bloody Chance" and promptly ended any further discussion on the subject.

Although not easily discouraged, I have been married long enough to know not to confront these issues head on.  Over the next few weeks I did a lot of research on pond design and scribbled a few sketches of how I thought the pond would look.  I had been keeping Koi for many years but on a relatively small scale, I had never attempted anything on this scale before.  An Engineer by profession, I like to have all my solutions in place before the problems even arise, and to this end I set about examining every aspect of how a pond works.   By the end of the month I knew how much water it would hold, what size of pump would be required, the construction method to be used, how I would filter the water,  I even knew how much the excavated soil would weight.

A couple of weeks before Easter I again raised the subject, very casual, like it had already been agreed.  Jody and Mum scowled menacingly as Michael and I discussed how we would put everything together.  My design was based on a pond 20' x 30' x 6' deep, around 22,500 gallons. At the bottom of the garden I would sink a series of 300 gallon tanks below ground level to act as the filter system and two huge AquaMax 30,000's would circulate the water at a rate of 14,000 gallons per hour.

I had all the smaller issues like waste disposal and automatic top-up covered, but the filter system was a bit of a concern.  I knew it would work, but it would need to be huge, probably 6 x 300 gallon tanks.  By the end of the day we had it all worked out, and despite strong protests from the ladies, construction was scheduled to start at Easter when I would take a full weeks holiday from work.

Koi and Goldfish in a Garden Pond