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Much of the material in this section has been prepared specifically for this web-site or is already freely available elsewhere in the Internet.  Where we have included material from other sources we acknowledge that copyright remains with the original author. 

Help and Advice

As with any hobby, practitioners can only hope to progress by continuously acquiring new knowledge about their chosen subject. Indeed, for most of us this learning process is all part of the fun, if not, then why do it?

That said, it can be very frustrating, particularly at the start, when things go wrong and we don't know why. Often we don't even know if we are to blame because of something we did, or didn't do, and in this respect the best advice is "Ask".

This is especially relevant for Customers coming to the shop, if you don't ask then we have to assume that you know already. We could of course offer the advice anyhow, but it can be quite irritating to have a shop assistant treat you like a novice when quite possibly you already know more about tropical fish than they do.

In this section we have tried to reflect not only the questions which we are asked, but also the way in which they phrased to us. We do try to keep our answers as simple as possible, but there are times when accuracy demands some technical detail.

We hope that you find this section useful, and you can ask further questions in person at the shop, over the telephone, or by email. We don't off course, know all the answers, but all the staff are active fish keepers and together we do have a vast pool of knowledge which we are willing to share.


Maroon Clownfish in an Anemone