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Alien Creatures in my tank

Question: I have just discovered some strange creatures in my aquarium, what are they and where did they come from?

Answer: You've been overfeeding and there's no point denying it.!

Macro photograph of a Planaria WormThe most common 'aliens' to be spotted in the aquarium are small White/Grey/Brownish worms which appear on the glass. Big enough to be seen with the naked eye, they wander slowly over every surface in the tank. They are in fact Planaria (family Planariidae) and are common freshwater, non-parasitic flatworms.

Despite the protestations of affected fish keepers to the contrary, the main cause is chronic and sustained overfeeding. Reducing the amount of food being put into the tank sees the disappearance of these creatures within a few days.


Fungus in the AquariumAnother strange report details small furry balls on the bottom of the tank or clinging to plants or rocks. Although not very active, they grow at an alarming rate. and seem to multiply overnight.

The reassuring answer is that they are quite harmless, they are in fact fungus which is growing on uneaten food. Again most fish keepers maintain that they are NOT overfeeding, but this is inescapable proof that they are.


Maroon Clownfish in an Anemone