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Cloudy Water

Question: I did have nice clear water, but now it's all gone cloudy or misty, Why?

Answer:  Most common cause of cloudy water is a bacterial bloom, which usually occurs after over-enthusiastic tank maintenance or the use of some disease treatments.  Over cleaning of the filter system or the addition off excessive amounts of fresh water can adversely affect the Bacteria in the Biological filter.  As a result, Ammonia or Nitrite levels can rise sharply.  Once the Bacteria starts to recover it multiplies very rapidly indeed to consume all the available Ammonia or Nitrite, sometimes to such an extent that it actually clouds the water.

The best course of action is to reduce feeding and carry out small frequent water changes, 5% - 10% daily until things return to normal. Today there are several prepority additives which can assist in such cases. Algone is one such product which has proved very successful. Based on a biological process, micro-organisms contained in Algone use available nitrogen compounds as a source of nutrition enabling Algone to retain the nitrogenous waste while eliminating its re-release into the aquarium.

It is important to realise that such products are no excuse for sloppy maintenance, incorrect filter cleaning, nor any of the other underlaying causes of filter collapse, but they can help recovery from an already bad suitation. Where Aquariums are concerned, prevention is definatly better than a cure. Weekly maintanence ie. 10% - 25% water change, (using de-chlorinator off course), syphon the gravel to remove detritus, clean the glass, check the heater, filter and lighting, is the best way to keep your fish healthy.


Maroon Clownfish in an Anemone