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Baby Fish

Question: I've got baby fish in the tank, where did they come from?

Answer: Again I'll skip the usual witty response and give a sensible answer. It is most likely that one of the live bearers, Guppies, Swordtails, Platies or mollies have given birth. Most of the females are always pregnant and gestation periods are around 28 - 40 days. This, and the fact that they may have several spawning from a single mating means that newborn fry are not at all uncommon.

Most newborn live bearer fry are about 5 - 6mm when born, but can double their size in only a few weeks. There is specialist food available but most baby's can get by on flake food powered between the fingers. The real secret is to feed very little and often. If you really want to improve the success rate try hatching and feeding live newly hatched Brine Shrimp, (you can buy the dried eggs and hatch them yourself in 24 hours).

Guppy FryWhile I am suggesting that most of the newborn fish which you will find in your community tanks are live bearers that is not to say that some of the egg laying fish cannot breed successfully in such conditions.

Other likely candidates are Siamese Fighters which build Bubble Nests, or Ancistrus Catfish, which often lay their eggs in concealed crevices such at the filter housing where the young can hide until they are large enough to survive in the open tank.

Other favorites are members of the Cichlid family which guard their eggs and newly hatched fry until they have grown to a reasonable size. Some like "Mouthbreeders" will even keep the eggs and newly hatched fry in their mouths to protect them.

Mouthbroder with fry