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Starting with Ponds

Question: I am thinking of building a pond, it there anything I should know?

Answer: Most defiantly YES.!

Ponds don't have to be big, complicated, nor expensive, but there are a few tips which can help you avoid unexpected difficulties.

Planning is very important.. get all the details sorted BEFORE you start. Things like location, size, type of inhabitants, filtration, electrical supply, waterfall ?, landscaping, who,s going to do the digging and where are you going to hide the spoil.

Work out the costs so you know how much you are going to have to spend.. A PVC liner is the cheapest option and works very well for any size of pond, but if you are going to keep fish you WILL need a pump, a filter,and probably an UV, and these three can be expensive depending upon size. Don't forget to include the cost of installing an electrical supply for the pump and UV, and off course, re-instating the garden when you've finished.

The third essential is perhaps the least dependable, some good weather. Its truly horrible digging a pond in the rain. The mud sticks to everything, and no matter where you have decided to dig it the surface water always flows directly towards.

Lastly, not all pond builders are experienced fish keepers, and indeed they don't have to be. But if you are going to keep fish in your pond it is worth learning how to do it properly, as I keep telling anyone who will listen, pond fish are exactly the same as aquarium fish. The only difference is ponds are outside in the garden, tanks are usually indoors in the living room.

Maroon Clownfish in an Anemone