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If you've been here before then you probably know the site, so we'll just say "Welcome Back, please enjoy your visit",  first time visitors may like to view our introductory video.

You will find that this site is not an on-line shop. True, we do have hundreds of product details, but the main purpose of this site is information and advice, which we hope is presented in a clear and user friendly style

Being on-line it should be obvious that we are not knocking the Internet, but please remember you are always welcome to call into the shop and see us in person, hundreds of our customers do..!  (some even escape without buying anything, although we do try to discourage this type of behavior ) . 

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  • Planning a new aquarium, or just an update to an existing set-up? We can help with everything from delivery right through to a complete set-up.

    Not only do we pre-wash your chosen sand or gravel, we even bring our own prepared water to make sure everything gets off to a great start.


    Grosvenor Tropicals is pleased to recommend 'Running Waters' for all your pond servicing needs. For pond service only: Contact Sam on 077 7292 8953

    Pond Servicing